Google Web History

by Sri on June 27, 2013

Once you have signed up for Google account, Google Web History is automatically turned on. Users Google Web History is stored on Google servers, so you can view and manage it from any computer by signing into your Google account and visiting By enabling Google Web History users can view and search across webpages you have visited in the past, including Google searches. Users can find trends on your web activity, such as your most visited sites and top searches. Users can also filter search results by pages visited before using the search option panel.

Google Web History

Once you have signed in for Google, then you will be taken straight to the Google Web History page,, where you can view and manage your web activity. To login directly to the Google Web History page, users can visit Now users can login to their Google account, view their Web History and can also remove or delete the search history.Users can also turn off personal results to prevent personalization based on your Google Web History. Turning off personal results will also disable several other personalization features and other connections. Apart from checking the Web history, you can look for you can also check history related to Images, News, Shopping, Ads, Videos, Maps, Blogs, Books, Visual Search, Travel and Finance.

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